We finished recording a few songs at the weekend with Jimmy the engineer, Greg Barnes and Gordy from GoGoBot. Everything seemed to come together really well considering Greg and Gordy only had one practice a couple of days beforehand.

Jimmy put a lot of effort into getting the best out of what we had. We must have drunk a good few barrels of tea and coffee and smoked a field of tobacco as it got late into the night. During the day we ate like kings with steak pies at the Bon Accord (£4.50 for two courses – win!), mighty burgers at Nice n Sleazys and kebabs from Chillies on Woodlands Road.

The songs will be mixed soon and I’ll let you all know when and where you can hear them.

On a completely seperate topic I’ve got a bit of an obsession with the Cheers Theme tune (A PLACE WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME!). I listen to it daily. Because I’ve been offline and don’t have a copy of it downloaded I’m feeling a bit lost without it. Enjoy it on behalf of me:


The super first post.

August 17, 2008


Adventure Friends are a pop band from Glasgow. Well, kind of.

Me and Ronnie have been trying to put together a band for a few months now. Only now are things starting to fall into place. We’ve been through lots of keyboard players, drummers and guitarists over the past few months but nothing has really worked out. In between we’ve been writing songs and trying to get together ideas for recordings and getting our music out and into the big world.

Neither of us is very good with computers. “WTF” is twitter/LastFM/iLike?
I’ve been trying to learn about all these wee online gadgets that will help us keep in touch with everybody. Somebody suggested that we set up a blog and keep it as our main website next to myspace. Hopefully soon you should see videos, mp3s and gig listings up on here.

We’re getting the help from a couple of session musicians who are friends with Ronnie to help with the recordings. Over the next month we’ll be getting into rehearsals and deciding on what to record for myspace.

For now it’ll be the usual trips down to Nice N Sleazys open mic night on a Monday.