New Songs

November 14, 2008

My mum just brought me a bowl of chookie egg and toast. Boiled eggs all mashed up with butter in a cup. Mmmm.

Last night I decided to let my brother hear the new songs we recorded so I played them in the living room and my mum walked past pretending to sing like Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol loudly over the top of it. The songs don’t sound anything like Snow Patrol. I think Ronnie sings more like Kermit the frog.



Ronnie teaches guitar to small children and grannies in order to fund his smoothie habit and keep his car filled with petrol for the times the rest of us can’t be bothered getting taxi’s.
He stuck some adverts in the paper and ended up getting some really strange calls. This is by far my favourite and we enjoyed it so much we decided to turn it into a collaboration of some sorts.

So you play guitar.mp3 (4mb)

P.S. We’re still waiting on the mix of our songs! They won’t be much longer.

Travel in style

September 17, 2008

I love the idea of time travel but Doctor Who kinda ruins it for me. Scarves? Police boxes? The only cool thing about Doctor Who are the Daleks who hold that classic 1960’s vision of the future appeal.
Back to the Future is where it’s at. Imagine strolling about town on a DeLoreon modified into a Time Machine? Or riding into Fopp on a hoverboard wearing self-tying Nike kicks?


August 22, 2008

I love local bands and unsigned music. While there’s a lot of rubbish to to get through, every so often I come across some great songs. Fair enough, the band might only one or two but it’s worth sifting through the tens of myspace bands adding me each day.

We’re lucky to have access to thousands of unsigned bands music but it made me wonder how many great songs have gone forgotten and lost over the years in times before we had youtube and myspace. I decided to start searching for unsigned and local bands from other decades and came across a local band from Glasgow called Scheme. A Glasgow forum had a nostalgic thread talking about the days when this band sold out the 3,500 capacity Apollo in the 80’s while not being signed to any label other than their own.

You can visit their myspace here to watch a video about the band. Below is one of many of the songs recently uploaded to youtube.

The super first post.

August 17, 2008


Adventure Friends are a pop band from Glasgow. Well, kind of.

Me and Ronnie have been trying to put together a band for a few months now. Only now are things starting to fall into place. We’ve been through lots of keyboard players, drummers and guitarists over the past few months but nothing has really worked out. In between we’ve been writing songs and trying to get together ideas for recordings and getting our music out and into the big world.

Neither of us is very good with computers. “WTF” is twitter/LastFM/iLike?
I’ve been trying to learn about all these wee online gadgets that will help us keep in touch with everybody. Somebody suggested that we set up a blog and keep it as our main website next to myspace. Hopefully soon you should see videos, mp3s and gig listings up on here.

We’re getting the help from a couple of session musicians who are friends with Ronnie to help with the recordings. Over the next month we’ll be getting into rehearsals and deciding on what to record for myspace.

For now it’ll be the usual trips down to Nice N Sleazys open mic night on a Monday.