New Songs

November 14, 2008

My mum just brought me a bowl of chookie egg and toast. Boiled eggs all mashed up with butter in a cup. Mmmm.

Last night I decided to let my brother hear the new songs we recorded so I played them in the living room and my mum walked past pretending to sing like Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol loudly over the top of it. The songs don’t sound anything like Snow Patrol. I think Ronnie sings more like Kermit the frog.



Ronnie teaches guitar to small children and grannies in order to fund his smoothie habit and keep his car filled with petrol for the times the rest of us can’t be bothered getting taxi’s.
He stuck some adverts in the paper and ended up getting some really strange calls. This is by far my favourite and we enjoyed it so much we decided to turn it into a collaboration of some sorts.

So you play guitar.mp3 (4mb)

P.S. We’re still waiting on the mix of our songs! They won’t be much longer.

Travel in style

September 17, 2008

I love the idea of time travel but Doctor Who kinda ruins it for me. Scarves? Police boxes? The only cool thing about Doctor Who are the Daleks who hold that classic 1960’s vision of the future appeal.
Back to the Future is where it’s at. Imagine strolling about town on a DeLoreon modified into a Time Machine? Or riding into Fopp on a hoverboard wearing self-tying Nike kicks?

We finished recording a few songs at the weekend with Jimmy the engineer, Greg Barnes and Gordy from GoGoBot. Everything seemed to come together really well considering Greg and Gordy only had one practice a couple of days beforehand.

Jimmy put a lot of effort into getting the best out of what we had. We must have drunk a good few barrels of tea and coffee and smoked a field of tobacco as it got late into the night. During the day we ate like kings with steak pies at the Bon Accord (£4.50 for two courses – win!), mighty burgers at Nice n Sleazys and kebabs from Chillies on Woodlands Road.

The songs will be mixed soon and I’ll let you all know when and where you can hear them.

On a completely seperate topic I’ve got a bit of an obsession with the Cheers Theme tune (A PLACE WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME!). I listen to it daily. Because I’ve been offline and don’t have a copy of it downloaded I’m feeling a bit lost without it. Enjoy it on behalf of me:

This is a short film by Sean Dunne about Paul Mawhinney who own the worlds largest record collection. He reckons that only 17% of his archive is available to the public on CD.

Due to personal circumstances and health he has decided to sell his music collection but although it is estimated to be worth around $50 million he can’t even find a buyer who willing to pay him at least $3 million.

What an important piece of history. If my bloodline survives until next century then I’d rather they walked into Kelvingrove Museum to see this and not an ancient Macbook displaying thousands of mp3s on an iTunes playlist.

Glasgow Diamonds

August 25, 2008

The Glasgow Diamonds were an American football team from Scotland. I found this link to an old promotional video done in 1986 quite a while ago while searching for music videos done in my area. The singer, Paul Birchard had children that went to the same school as me when I was younger and I remember seeing him on television talking on the sidelines of American football games on channel 4.

It’s somehow turned into a bit of an internet hit and quite rightly so. It’s catchy, cheesy and has every cheap idea for a music video perfectly executed. Look out for the rap. John Barnes eat your heart out.